The Welsh Dragon: A novel of Henry Tudor

Coming September 23, 2022

England, AD 1471. Henry Tudor’s drop of royal blood had never mattered, considering the scores of noblemen with stronger claims to the throne. But when Edward IV becomes king during the Wars of the Roses, that drop threatens Henry’s life and forces him into exile.

Though his mother labors to restore his position, Henry would rather spend his days with his beloved Jehane, a quick-witted Breton widow, than reclaim a title that promises only further hardship. Content with humble pleasures far from the dangers of court, Henry enjoys a simple life of anonymity.

Yet, his enemies continue to conspire against him. Survival may require embracing the very birthright that drove him into exile, though it threatens his happiness with Jehane. The path to safety is littered with tangled conspiracies, narrow escapes, and a Welsh dragon banner fluttering over an English battlefield.

Bosworth earned Henry Tudor a crown, but the trials of a forgotten fourteen-year exile transformed a penniless fugitive into the man who ended the Wars of the Roses.

Their worlds collide when Jarl Rollo of Rouen annexes Taurin’s town and appoints Halla as ruler. United in an uneasy political marriage, Halla and Taurin must confront their conflicted feelings and their peoples’ mutual hostility. Tensions strain their fragile marriage. Christians who refuse to obey a woman stoke rebellion. Glory-seeking Norse raiders terrorize Halla’s domain. If they can’t unite, the threats surrounding them will tear apart their new family and swallow both of their peoples in war and ruin.

The Raven and the Dove is a historical novel that depicts the first interactions when Norse settlers put down the sword to live beside their Frankish victims, giving birth to the Norman people who would change the course of history. The novel evokes the modern challenges around immigration, nationalism, and multiculturalism.

“A compelling, action-filled tale of loyalty, betrayal, and danger, rich in historical detail.”

Keira Morgan, author of the Chronicles of the House of Valois series